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Ignite Student Ministries

2019-2020 Schedule

Jr. High Sunday Night Meeting 5:00 – 6:45

Sr. High Sunday Night Meeting 7:00 – 9:00

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Key themes of Galatians

  • In his sin-bearing death, Jesus is a substitute for all Christians and through faith in him, Christians are brought into a new realm of freedom and life. (1:4, 2:20, 3:13) 
  • Salvation is not by works but we are justified through our faith in Jesus.  The Old Testament testifies to the truth of justification by faith. (Gen. 15:6, Hab. 2:4)
  • The Holy Spirit is the source of power and guidance in the Christian life, and the work of the Spirit produces love and faith. (5:6,16,18,25) 
  • The Christian life is NOT about pleasing people but in pleasing Jesus and Christians should be willing to suffer for the sake of the cross. (1:10, 6:12, 14)


15       Ignite Kick-off  6-8:30 (Jr & Sr High)
22      Galatians 1
29      Galatians 2


6      Galatians 3
13     Galatians 4
20   Galatians 5
27    Costume Dodgeball Tournament


 3    Galatians 6


Key themes of Phillipians

  • Christians need to keep making spiritual progress (1:12, 25; 3:12–16).
  • Such progress requires a proper spiritual outlook (1:5–11; 2:1–11; 3:7, 15; 4:7–9).
  • Christ is the supreme example for the Christian. Mature Christians can also serve as role models (1:12–26; 2:5–11, 19–30; 3:3–17; 4:9).
  • Suffering will come, but Christians can still be joyful (1:12–26; 2:14–15; 4:4, 11–13, 19).
  • Prayer is crucial for maintaining a joyful Christian life (1:3–11; 4:5–7).
  • Christians can enjoy rich relationships with one another; they can be united in service to promote the gospel (1:4, 7, 24–27; 2:1–4, 19–30; 4:2–4, 14).
  • Keeping the law cannot provide a right standing with God; believers are saved only through their faith in Jesus Christ (3:2–10).
  • Jesus is fully God and fully man. Because of his suffering on the cross, he is now glorified as Lord and Christ (2:5–11).


10    Phillipians 1
17     Phillipians 2
24    Phillipians 3


1       Phillipians 4

  • Jr. High (TBD)
  • Sr. High: "I'm Not Ashamed" Rachel Scott story, Columbine High School Victim  

15     CHRISTMAS PARTY     6:00-8:00

Key themes of 1 Thessalonians

  • God’s wrath comes on those who reject the gospel (2:16; 5:3).
  • Jesus’ death and resurrection are the basis for the Christian’s hope (4:14; 5:10).
  • Christians are destined not for wrath but for salvation when Christ returns (1:10; 5:4, 9).
  • Christians who die will participate fully in the second coming (4:14–17; 5:10).
  • Christians should live lives of complete holiness (3:13; 4:3–8; 5:23).
  • Joy, especially in suffering, is a mark of the Christian (1:6; 5:16).
  • Faith, hope, and love are essential traits of the Christian (1:2–3; 5:8).

January 2020

 5      1 Thessalonians 1
 12    1 Thessalonians 2
 19   1 Thessalonians 3
26   1 Thessalonians 4


2     Superbowl Party (TBD)
9     1 Thessalonians 5


Key themes of 2 Thessalonians

  • God’s righteous judgment will be completed when Jesus returns. Unbelievers will be condemned and believers will be saved (1:5–10; 2:9–14).
  • Christians will share Christ’s glory (1:10, 12; 2:14).
  • Jesus will return after the “man of lawlessness” appears and humanity rebels for a final time (2:3–4, 9–12).
  • The man of lawlessness will deceive all those who have rejected the gospel. Jesus will judge them when he returns (2:3, 6–12).
  • Christians must not take advantage of the charity of fellow Christians (3:6–15).


16      2 Thessalonians 1
23     2 Thessalonians 2


1       2 Thessalonians 3
8      Movie Night/Game Night TBD
15     Missions Trip Focus
22    Missions Trip Focus
29    Missions Trip Focus


5      Missions Trip Focus
12    NO IGNITE Easter
19    Missions Trip Focus
26   Missions Trip Focus


 3      Missions Trip Focus
 10   NO IGNITE Mother’s Day
 17    YEAR END CELEBRATION   6:00 - 8:00



"Whatever you do, 

work heartily for the Lord

and not for men."

Colossians 3:23




Last year we went through one of the most exciting books in the New Testament, The book of Acts.

The book of Acts is known as "The Acts of the Apostles", though it mostly tells us of the acts of two apostles: Peter, whose ministry was to the Jews and whose great word was "REPENT" and Paul, whose ministry was to the Gentiles and whose great word was "BELIEVE".

We read about how the early Church emerged.  Jesus instructed his followers, “…you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” (Acts 1:8)  The gospel spread despite much persecution and we were introduced to a great enemy of the Church who became one of the greatest missionaries who have ever lived.  The Apostle Paul’s contibutions to the New Testament can not be overlooked and we ended our year by reading his letter to the Ephesians. 

This year, through the lens of Acts, we will read a few more of Paul’s letters to the churches he loved and cared for.  Our hope is that our students will have a deeper love for Jesus and a deeper understanding of what it means to be a fully devoted follower of Christ.